John Kelman,


"..Fresh Sound once again brings another new artist to the fore. Unassuming, without any kind of shtick, Schimmeroth is, quite simply, a fine young pianist with an elegant touch, a refined sense of swing, and a refreshingly modern approach to the mainstream. Five original compositions demonstrate the kind of thinking that, like west coast pianist Alan Pasqua on his new release, My New Old Friend, hides more challenging constructs within an easy-on-the-ears approach. Schimmeroth also covers three well-heeled standards, bringing an intriguing new complexion to Oscar Pettiford’s “Bohemia After Dark.” On this tune Schimmeroth shows his true mettle, reworking the head with the kind of across-the-bar mentality that makes it almost impossible to find the downbeat until the trio settles into the relaxed swing of the solo section.

Bassist Matt Penman, another Fresh Sound artist, and drummer Jeff Ballard—arguably one of the more inventive drummers to emerge in the past ten years and best known for his work with pianist Chick Corea—create a backdrop that both supports and challenges Schimmeroth, who is a lyrical, thematically-minded soloist."


Jim Wilke in Jazz After Hours


"..This is music by an outstanding young trio"


Steve Futterman, JAZZTIMES


"..Schimmeroth is a skilled bob-besotted newcomer worth keeping tabs on. And like all smart young players, stepping out for a first recording he values the company he keeps. : drummer Jeff Ballard, one of his generation´s most sensitive percussionists, and bassist Matt Penman cushion the leader with refinement and high style. A grooving take on Oscar Pettiford´s bop opus "Bohemia After Dark" impresses, but a nearly 10-minute "Body And Soul" best reveals Schimmeroth´s mainstream promise"


Marc Myers,

.. Arrival marks the debut of German pianist Alexander Schimmeroth as a leader, and based on this album, he appears to be a budding individualist and a stimulating, thoughtful, even witty improviser.

.He plays as if he is fascinated with Monk. To my ears, then, he is investigating Monk's ideas of phrasing, space, and thematic improvising. And by filtering these ideas through some Bill Evans devices and his own sensibilities, he is developing an approach that could have interesting, even important, implications for the future of jazz piano.

Hear, for example, Schimmeroth's excellent “It's You Or No One” solo. The light touch is there, along with firm, if understated swing, but Schimmeroth doesn't toss off fireworks. He airs out his phrases without losing momentum. On “Rhythm,” his clever variant of rhythm changes, he plays peek-a-boo with the beat, turning it around, playing with it, then digging in for some cooking. This trio doesn't burn, actually, but it keeps things moving at a steady simmer.

At all times on Arrival, the trio is together, sounding like a band. Matt Penman is one of those gifted bassists who plays stimulating melodies while walking. The way his lines entwine with Schimmeroth's on the pianist's lovely waltz “Song” is especially intuitive and supportive. And drummer Jeff Ballard plays at his usual high level, in which everything he does feels right.


Doug Ramsey:

…His sound is full-bodied, his timing and note placement exquisite. This is an impressive debut.


Reviews on “The Drill” 2010



Musenblätter, Frank Becker:


…Eines der schönsten Jazz-Alben 2010, wegen seiner grandiosen Konzeption, der musikalischen Qualität  und des seelenvoll-brillanten Spiels aller drei Protagonisten”

“Grandios !!”


“Jazzthing” “CD der Woche “ Ulli Lemke:


“Virtuos !”


“Pianonews” Tom Fuchs:


“Sein Spiel vereint in gelenkigem Schwung Elemente des Swing und des Neo-Bop, zeigt Groove, Tempo, Kante und Biss. ….so kann der gespielte Steinway D

unter Schimmeroth´s Händen die ganze Klasse und Fülle seines Klangs in unmittelbarer Plastizität entfalten..”